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Portfolio  Diversification
Our approach is based on utilizing a number of strategies designed to help us reduce market  risk. 
Our main goal is to minimize losses, while taking advantage of the growth and income potential provided thru a broad range of  diversified investment products. 
We believe that diversification across multiple asset classes and risk management strategies can help enhance both performance and wealth protection over a long-term time horizon.
Risk-ManagEMENT  strategy
Significant portfolio declines can damage compounded returns over time.  In attempting to avoid large losses, we utilize strategies that lower our sensitivity to market risk, during periods of increased volatility. 
This can be accomplished by increasing our levels of cash, hedging market exposure utilzing inverse ETF's, the use of protective options and/or other strategies designed to adjust to changing market conditions.

Asset Management

Windham Financial has managed customized fee-based investment portfolios for individuals and institutional client's since 1983.  Our strategies are tailored to each client's individual investment goals and objectives, utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) statistics in the  structuring of  various asset classes to help create a diversified portfolio.

Windham Financial Services, Inc. has been provding fee-based portfolio management and institutional consulting services to investors since 1983.    It takes a great deal of analytical, technical and fundamental research along with a great deal of patience to structure well diversified portfolios in today's volatile markets.  Let Windham Financial help you manage your investments, by putting to use the knowledge we have gained in our 90+  years of combined experience.

Balanced          Approach
We believe that it is important to protect against the impact that major market declines can have on the long-term growth of an investment portfolio.
We therefore strive to develop and implement investment strategies that are designed to balance risk versus reward in today's complex securities markets and utilize extensive analytic & quantitative modeling in our portfolio development process. 
COMPANY                          PROFILE
Choosing the right financial professionals to assist you in developing an investment strategy may be the single most important factor in successfully increasing the value of your assets. 
Our philosophy is simple: understand your individual needs, pay attention to detail, provide quality investment advice and supply the techncial expertise necessary to help you achieve your financial goals.

Institutional Consulting

Windham Financial provides ongoing research and consulting services to institutional portfolio managers in order to help them improve their  stock selection methodology, sector analysis & rotation positioning, asset allocation and market risk management strategies. These services are provided via in house research and telephone discussions.

  • Securities Research & Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Portfolio Design & Construction
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Performance Monitoring